The Perfect Lighting for the Perfect Time Now

A number of companies are now here with the company designs now. For last 10 years, the company’s designers have been developing and implementing design projects for residential and commercial interiors, decorating interiors, seasonal and festive decoration of shopping centers. During the existence of the studio has implemented many projects of varying degrees of complexity.

  1. Local light is the main assistant

Local lamps will help to correctly zonate the room. This method has been actively used in the design of apartments after the spread of fashion to premises with free planning and interiors in the loft style. Often, designers make the mistake and put aesthetic preferences for the interior above the requirements of functionality. For example, forget to install additional lamps next to the sleeping area, a reading space or a dining table.

  1. Multi-level lighting – the absolute must-have

The interior of the apartment and the house requires different levels of lighting. For example, for a bedroom the soft diffused light will approach, and for a drawing room and a bathroom – directed and bright. In the kitchen, natural lighting of the working surface will be appropriate. If this is not possible, take care of the local illumination of the working areas: use spotlights built into the cornice of the kitchen set or mounted in its lower panel. It is almost like daylight to your home‎.

  1. Shades of lamps – to each his own

A key role in lighting the interior is played by the color temperature of the lamps. There are three main colors: warm white light (less than 3300 K), natural white (3300-5000 K) and cool white (more than 5000 K). The first is suitable for living rooms: living room, bedroom and nursery. The second one is for the hallway or the cabinet, and the third one is used to illuminate the working area of ​​the kitchen.

  1. Energy saving – a pledge of efficiency of fixtures

In accordance with the established standards, a lamp of 10 W is required per 1 square meter of the room. Meanwhile, for modern manufacturers, the main indicator of the economy of lamps is the light output of lamps. It is expressed by the Lumen / Watt ratio.

Energy saving lamps will help save energy – they show a result of 50-90 lm / W, while for incandescent lamps it is only 13 lm / W. However, their cost is 5 times higher than the cost of conventional lamps.

  1. Competent distribution of light – a room without flaws

A competent distribution of light will help to hide the shortcomings of the room. Suspended chandeliers and bowl-shaped lamps make the ceiling higher, and lamps with a shade, on the contrary, visually reduce the height of the room. For small rooms bright light in combination with reflective materials of the ceiling and floor will fit – it will visually expand the space. Spot lighting and LED lighting of the decor elements visually reduce the room, so it is suitable for rooms with a large area.

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Great Opportunities for the Proper Financing

In tough economic conditions, it is not easy to receive funds through traditional channels. Supply chain financing is a series of practices and technologies that support financial processes in the supply chain “from the initial link to the end”.

One of the functions of financing the supply chain is to agree on the design of trade finance instrumentswith the actual movement of goods and payments through the supply chain. In this area, rapid growth is expected. Supply chain financing is not only in good agreement with the growth of trading from an open account, but also maximizes efficiency, through the introduction of improved information technology (IT) managed supply chain monitoring. For example, more efficient supply chain management, through the use of online data management platforms, reduced corporate inventories and led the industry closer to the production principle precisely by the given deadline. This means that smaller and frequent shipments replace large orders.


While buyers and suppliers can finance their own supply chains, supply chain financing services reduce both the cost of capital and the risk of such transactions by allowing customers to reduce their working capital requirement. The advantage for clients is accompanied by significant benefits for banks, as they can increase revenues by financing working capital in the supply chain for their customers, specialize in participating in the entire supply chain, sell additional products and services (such as steadily promoting their currency exchange services) Other operators in the supply chain and, thus, increase their customer base. The purchase order financing option is also there.

Method of implementation

  • Of all the instruments of financing the supply chain, three financial decisions are clearly distinguished:
  • Financing on the security of inventory allows you to keep goods in the warehouse for the buyer on demand.
  • Funding based on the order is given to the seller on the basis of the purchase order received from the buyer.

Credit For The Development Of Business

Investment credit is a modern tool for business development. Credits for business objectives of lending an enterprise can obtain an investment loan to purchase real estate, transportand equipment, refinance other loans or expand working capital. What can I borrow for?

Where Can I Apply For A Loan?

The chance for approval of the loan application is significantly increased when applying to a large bank. How to choose a bank?

Apply For A Loan

To apply for a loan, you can use the online service on the bank’s official website.

The Cost Of A Loan

THE terms of the loan, the amount and the interest rate are largely dependent on the availability of collateral for the loan, credit history, and the turnover of the company. Over the past few years, various factoring providers have been established in the market, which have developed specific solutions for the various industries. Depending on factors such as the annual turnover and the number of invoices, as well as the debtor structure and the usual payment terms, they create an individual offer on request that is largely tailored to the needs of your company.


Simple Options for the Right Mortgage Options

Among buyers of apartments in the country and the region, who want to save their money, this scheme is common: buy an apartment on credit and rent it out so that the rent covers all payments on the mortgage.

  • In general, this option is possible, but it is worth remembering a few things.
  • First, the principles of grading the cost of renting an apartment and the cost of its sale are generally similar. In other words, if you want to purchase real estate in order to obtain the highest rental income, then be prepared for the fact that its original cost will be higher.
  • Secondly, in order for the rent to cover payments on mortgages, these payments should be small, and for this you need a long-term mortgage, which leads to large overpayments. And it’s not 20 years and in most cases not even 30 years, but more.
  • Third, be prepared for the fact that your apartment will be empty for a while, and in these cases you will pay for the mortgage out of your pocket. And such time will necessarily be, since it is hardly possible to meet lodgers who for 20-30 years live in one rented apartment. Tenants are changing, and new ones are not always promptly.

How is it profitable to rent an apartment in a new building?

How to choose a bank and a mortgage program?

Fourthly, do not forget that you will still need to collect the right amount for the initial contribution to the apartment. Now large banks do not provide loans for new buildings without a down payment (earlier one could meet such offers). The suggestions are there with the mortgage broker Geelong .

And now we will consider an illustrative example. To start renting a house immediately, we will need an apartment in the secondary market or in a newly commissioned building (preferably with finishing or finishing, otherwise you will have to spend a little more on repairs). To rent housing at a more favorable price, transport accessibility is important. But apartments with good transport accessibility are more expensive, and during our monitoring, suitable options were not found (when searching we were guided by the size of the initial contribution of 20%). Mortgage payments were still higher than rental income.

Therefore, we changed some characteristics of the search, more precisely, lowered the requirements for housing. As a variant, new buildings were considered at the construction stage, as the prices for apartments in such projects are lower. Here is one example. In the LCD in 5 km from the Ring Road you can buy a one-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​39.95 square meters. m for 2.7 million rubles. Corps is at the initial stage of construction, delivery is planned in a year and a half (at the time of writing the article.

Clean your carpet yourself with these best cleaning tips

Carpets make every room glow – only sometimes you can lighten up something. But that does not have to worry, even if spontaneously important visit to the house or you want to do the spring cleaning quickly yourself. Because cleaning a carpet yourself is quick and easy – and you save the cost of an expensive professional cleaning. Only a few steps and already the carpet shine under your own feet again!

Clean carpet yourself: the basics

To be able to clean a carpet yourself, you first have to start very pragmatically, namely while sucking and shaking the carpet – the latter, of course, only if the carpet is small, flexible and light enough that you can do it with him. The almost forgotten carpet bar, which still lingers faithfully in many a yard, here is a wonderful helper, especially in combination with a carpet beater.

But even if that is missing, you can well clean a carpet yourself or prepare it by sucking it. Especially modern vacuum cleaners have different suction possibilities, with which one can remove even the finest dust. If it is a long pile or a high pile rug, it is worth combing the rug with a coarse comb to discover any knots. Repeat these procedures several times a year, so all rugs remain fresh and new for a long time.

Clean carpet yourself: important information

There are ready-to-use carpet cleaners on the market, but salt are often worth it to clean the carpet itself – yes, very simple, normal salt from the kitchen. For salt, which is slightly moistened, can easily be spread over the carpet and picks up all the dirt there. Just wait a few hours or better all night and then soak up the salt. Done is the cleaning! The whole thing can of course also do with finished carpet cleaning powder. It is always important to try on a hidden spot, if the carpet joins in everything or if it bleaches too fast.

However, if the carpet is small and flexible, it is worth cleaning in the washing machine or in the bathtub – again, of course, check how much such a carpet endures. But straight long pile or short pile rugs can be perfectly cleaned in the bathtub – with simple hair shampoo.

If the carpet is particularly dirty, you can – if you want to continue to clean the carpet itself – also rent a cleaning machine. Of course, with the best carpet cleaning machine you can also clean immovable carpets quickly and easily. It is important to have good ventilation for proper drying of the carpets.


Choosing Curtains for your Home

Choosing curtains is an important aspect when decorating the interior whether it concerns your living room, bedroom, study or possibly kitchen.A curtain can make a room or crack. Moreover, a curtain is not only for decoration but also hangs curtains for practical reasons.

Curtain Choosing

Think of light and the retention of heat or the rejection of heat. In this article you read step-by-step how to choose and buy curtains.

Choose Translucent or Closed Curtains

If you are going to choose curtains, you have to consider whether you want a lot of light to shine into the room or not. For example, you can opt for thin curtains (that let in sunlight) for the living room or for a thick curtain fabric that blocks the light. There are many shops which offer good cheap curtain Singapore, you can choose from huge options.

Idea to Start Edible Insect Business in Singapore

The idea of discover Singapore business can be portrait in a different way too. Think about how to help protect the environment and get a new source of organic protein? It can be done by embarking on the sale of insect-based foods. Their marketing is currently prohibited, but the legislation could evolve in a few years.

Make contacts now, watch for legal decisions to be the first to launch an online store in Singapore, with a wide assortment of insects from around the world. Although the percentage of risk is high but this business idea offers you profit and goodwill both in just one step. There are already insect’s farms in Singapore, and the flour that is drawn is studied by the major players in the diet to integrate into certain preparations. For now, they do not really dare to take the plunge and advertise it. Perhaps they fear for their sales if customers are afraid of having insects without their knowledge in all products of the brand.

How vegetable and nut can help you to overcome jaundice

Jaundice can be the cause of death if not treated well in time. There are simple home remedies which can help to keep your liver healthy. Tomato and almonds both are good at jaundice home treatment.


The high level of lycopene present in tomatoes can help reduce liver damage and help recover from jaundice. In addition, tomato acts as a powerful detoxifier, which means that it can effectively remove harmful toxins from the body.

The almonds

Almonds help eliminate waste, fight infection and play an important role in supporting healthy liver function. In addition, almonds are rich in nutrients such as fiber, riboflavin, magnesium, iron and calcium that are good for the liver.

Good vinyl plank flooring in Singapore

Look at the rest of your home and bring all the interior elements together and it is always better to look at the whole. If you are looking for plank flooring then there are many shops which provide good vinyl plank flooring in Singapore.

Request samples

You can easily adjust the color of your walls, but keep your kitchen and other furniture for years to come, so ask samples to see if your future floor fits in. This is possible for all floor types, although some manufacturers do ask a small fee.

Keep in mind the space

Your floor has a big impact on the feeling of space: for example, do not place large 80- by 80-centimeter tiles in small rooms, but rather 45 by 45 centimeters (45 centimeters) in order to create more joints, which makes the room appear larger optically.

Tips to find best developer sales in Singapore

One of the main tips for buyers of apartments in new buildings is the monitoring of forums and reviews in social networks. But you need to find out best developer sales in Singapore and understand that these channels have long been used by developers themselves. A wave of negative can be provoked by competitors, and the mass of enthusiastic comments is often self-promotion. The truth is somewhere in the middle, but it is not for everyone to determine it. It is better to ask a direct question on an exciting topic to a representative of the developer. By his reaction and response, it will be possible to draw more conclusions than on social networks. Therefore, do not trust too enthusiastic or extremely negative reviews.

Do not rely on the reputation of the developer. It is generally believed that the more known the developer, the more projects he leads simultaneously, the more reliable it is. The fallacy of this opinion was shown by the situation. Once the largest developer in Singapore was bankrupt, and its shareholders are now waiting until their housing will be completed by other developers. On the contrary, many little-known companies with a modest portfolio of projects offer buyers interesting residential complexes and often rent their properties ahead of schedule.

Well known home cleaning services

Cleaning of the whole house can be nightmare for you, so the well known home cleaning services are read help you throughout the year.

More over if you want to do it yourself then you can save a lot of time if you replace the usual rag with a microfiber.

For more rational use of a rag, it is necessary to fold it four times before applying it. Thus, there are as many as four working sides, which increases the duration of use and saves time. Do not use the abrasive side of the sponge to get rid of stains or slight dirt, because it can damage the surface! A sponge with a green abrasive is better not to use in the kitchen. Its better to use white or blue.

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